Dhaka 25K 2024 - Embark on a journey of triumph!

Hello Hello Hello, Runners! Embark on a journey of triumph! Dhaka 25K 2024 beckons you to conquer the roads and make history on March 8, 2024! We've woven dreams into reality, threading together 8 distinct paths leading to the heart of Dhaka. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as Dhaka 25K sets the stage for our most spectacular event yet! Unleash your inner warrior, overcome new challenges, and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Dhaka. The race unfolds against the mesmerizing backdrop of Hatirjheel, weaving through iconic landmarks and historic gems of the capital. #DHAKA25K offers three exhilarating options: a 25 km , a 10 km sprint, and a 2.8 km Kids Run . Let's turn every stride into a celebration! Join us in showcasing the magic of Dhaka and promoting the spirit of unity through the #dhaka25k running event. Stay glued for updates that will ignite your passion for running! Visit our enchanting WEBSITE at www.dhaka25k.com to be the first to catch the wave when tickets hit the spotlight. Gear up for a run like never before - where every step echoes the heartbeat of Dhaka, the city of magic! #dhakathecityofmagic #dhaka25k