Introducing Arifur Rahman Belal: The Ironman Extraordinaire!

Pacer of 25KM

12/25/20231 min read

Introducing Dhaka 25K 2024's Pacer: Mr. Arifur Rahman Belal! An accomplished banker turned triumphant triathlete, Arifur, a successful banker turned triumphant triathlete, is set to conquer the 25K category, aiming to complete the race in a remarkable 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Beyond his banking success, Arifur has embraced the title of a successful triathlete, shining particularly as a key member in Team Bangladesh at the Ironman World Championship. His prowess extends to the grueling Ironman challenges, where he has not only finished multiple Ironman events but also emerged victorious in the toughest of competitions.

Arifur's resilience knows no bounds. He loves to run, has a passion for cycling, and cherishes the challenge of a marathon. His exceptional achievements include being a three-time Ironman Finisher, completing the 2023 Vinfast Ironman World Championship, and showcasing his prowess at the Oceanman World Final Championship in 2023.

His journey is adorned with milestones:

1. Three times Ironman Finisher with the 2023 Vinfast Ironman World Championship.

2. Oceanman World Final Championship finisher in 2023.

3. Two Times Bangla Channel Finisher.

4. Three times 50km Ultra Finisher.

5. Fifth-time AMIS certified Marathon Finisher, including Tata Mumbai Marathon India 2023.

6. Several Half Marathon Finisher.

Arifur's experiences speak volumes, and now he invites you to lace up and join him. Whether you're an aspiring runner or a seasoned athlete, the elephant-filled tracks of Hatirjheel await your footsteps.

Register Here:

Registration is open – gear up, train hard, and be part of the Dhaka 25K 2024. See you at the race track!

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