Meet the incredible Dr. Kaneta

Pacer of 25KM

1/2/20241 min read

Meet the incredible Dr. Kaneta – not just a skilled surgical oncologist at the prestigious National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, but also a passionate runner, fearless mountaineer, and dedicated social activist. She's not just saving lives in the operating room; she's also conquering the world outside, one marathon at a time.

Dr. Kaneta's running journey began in 2021, and since then, she has been leaving her mark on every track she sets foot on. She ran as a pacer for 25KM with an impressive time of 3:20 hours at the Dhaka 25k 2024.

Her running resume is a testament to her unwavering commitment, from conquering the challenging terrains of Chattogram Trail Half Marathon to the scenic routes of Rangamati Half Marathon. She's not just limited to local races; she has crossed international borders, dominating the Ladakh Marathon 2023 in the demanding 21K category.

But Dr. Kaneta doesn't stop at marathons; she defies heights, recently summiting the challenging Island Peak in the Himalayas at a staggering 6165 meters. Her footsteps have echoed at Everest Base Camp, Top of Kakapathar, and Nagargun peak, proving that the sky is not the limit for her aspirations.

And if that's not impressive enough, she paid tribute to national heroes with a remarkable 53 km Ultra Run on the eve of the 53rd victory day on December 16th. Dr. Kaneta's journey goes beyond personal achievements; it's an inspiration for everyone to lead an active life alongside their professional endeavors.

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