Introducing the fearless pacer : Sadia Ahmed Kheya

Pacer of 25KM

1/4/20241 min read

Introducing the fearless pacer who will be conquering the 25km challenge at Dhaka 25k 2024 in a blazing 03 hours 40 minutes!

Sadia Ahmed Kheya, not just an Architect of Government projects but a true running maven, found solace and strength in running back in December 2018. Since her debut at the Dhaka Half Marathon in 2019, she's been on a mission to inspire and empower, particularly urging women of all ages to shatter those running barriers.

Having graced more than 20 live events globally, Sadia is gearing up for an awe-inspiring 2024, aiming to dominate Half Marathons, Marathons, and Ultra races. Her mantra for success? "Activate your body, nurture your mental health, and embrace a vibrant lifestyle through the rhythm of running or walking. It's all about the right training and personal dedication."

Tick-tock! The clock is ticking, and there are only a few days left to register and be a part of the historic Dhaka 25k 2024. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – become a part of something extraordinary!

Ready to ignite your passion for running? Secure your spot NOW:

just be a spectator; be a participant in the spectacle! Join Sadia Ahmed Kheya and a community of like-minded individuals on this journey of self-discovery, health, and unparalleled excitement!

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