Meet our pacer, Mitun Biswas!

Pacer of Dhaka 25K 2024

12/26/20231 min read

Meet our pacer, Mitun Biswas! A dynamic freelance corporate fitness trainer and seasoned consultant at Summit Communication Limited. His running journey began in 2019, and he's set to conquer the 25 km at Dhaka 25K 2024, targeting a remarkable 2 hours and 20 minutes!

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Mitun's dedication to new and regular runners is inspiring. His advice: Care for your body and mind. Prepare for the season, ensure a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and enjoy the thrill of the run!

Starting with a fun workout, Mitun emphasizes the joy of embracing an active lifestyle. Running became his escape, a journey he would have missed if not for events like these.

Ensure a balanced diet, hydrate well, and enjoy the process. It's not just a race; it's a celebration of self-improvement. Mitun's impressive track record includes events like Shamsheernagar Ultra Trail Marathon, Biman Half Marathon, and the Vertical Dreamers Hill Marathon.

Save the date for Dhaka 25K 2024 and join us in celebrating the joy of running! Compete with yourself, inspire others, and let the races begin.

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